Surly’s Big Dummy, A Week with Another Big Dummy

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

When Family Bicycle asked me to review Surly’s Big Dummy I immediately started thinking of how much beer, groceries and other necessities I could ride down the road with on this bike. As an exceptionally proud owner of a Surly Disc Trucker I was stoked to be able to spend a week on another Surly. I am also the guy who will ride to a party pulling a bamboo trailer with a cooler full of beer. So the Big Dummy is my kind of bike. I am fascinated with the idea of using a bike for all things that people normally use a car. It makes that trip to the grocery store, kickball game or to Lawrence an adventure vs. a traffic riddled hell. Logistics become somewhat of a sport as you learn to plan for the weather and what’s on your to-do-list for the day. Finding the perfect lights, clothing, apps, waterproof bags, grocery panniers, fenders & racks are all part of the fun. Finding the bike to replace the car is different than finding a bike to ride on trails on nice weekend days.

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