There are many trails and bike routes in the Kansas City area. There are safe places to ride on city streets and safe places to ride on multi-use paths, and many mountain bike trails.  Links to some with websites are below.

Sometimes it is possible to ride your bike to the trails, sometimes it is not. If you need to transport your bicycle there are lots of options available to add racks to your vehicle. Family Bicycles carries several models in stock for use with hitches and regular trunk racks.

Family Bicycles also tries to keep free maps from Kansas City, MARC, Johnson County, and the state of Kansas in stock. Please stop in and pick one up!

Bike KCThis map includes trails and on road bike routes in Kansas City, MO

Trolley Track TrailRails-to-Trails route through the heart of Kansas City

MARC Regional MapThis map includes trails in Jackson, Clay, Platte, Wyandotte, and Johnson Counties

Johnson County Trails

TrailLinkMaps from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Katy TrailRails-to-Trails route through the heart of Kansas City

Kansas CyclistLinks to trails throughout Kansas

Earth Riders Local Mountain Bike Club with links to mountain bike trails

SwopePark Mountain Bike Trails

Prairie Spirit TrailRails-to-Trails in KS

Flint Hills Nature TrailRails-to-Trails in KS