Road bikes go fast! Skinny tires, lightweight frames, and drop handlebars are the main characteristics of road bikes. These bikes are great for longer; faster rides on roads and for that beginner triathlon, your friend signed you up for as a surprise.

Most road riders wear special shoes and pedals that clip together for added stability, gloves, padded shorts, and jerseys with back pockets to make the rides more comfortable. Road bike saddles (seats) are narrow, flat, and harder than seats on hybrids. This helps prevent chaffing in places you don’t want chaffing!

There are many fun, fast group road rides in Kansas City. It is important to make sure you are familiar with the route in case you get dropped. You should know your way home. You should always show up to group rides ready to ride air in the tires, a flat repair kit, your cell phone, and plenty of water.