Recreational cycling is just riding your bike for fun. It is a great way to start a fitness program or to stay fit. Many recreational riders used to jog or do other exercises. This type of riding focuses on having fun instead of racing or competition.

There are many paved trails in the Kansas City area on which to ride. It is also a good idea to be comfortable enough to ride on low-traffic city streets safely.  Family Bicycles offers a Monday Night Ride that teaches bicycle safety as we ride through Waldo/Brookside areas.

Recreational bikes are generally referred to as Hybrid bikes because they aren’t exactly a road bike or a mountain bike. They are somewhere in between. Hybrids generally have wider tires, flat or upright handlebars, multiple speeds, and comfortable frame designs.

Recreational cycling doesn’t necessarily require lots of expensive clothes and equipment. A bike, helmet, light set, and locks are usually enough to get you started. Of course there a lots of accessories to make your cycling experience fun, personal, and comfortable.

Family Bicycles offers free test rides. Come on in for a test ride and to discuss your options today.