Every kid should ride a bike. No need to wait until age 5 or 6 and need training wheels. In fact, Family Bicycles generally discourages the use of training wheels. They don’t train the rider on actually riding, they teach bad habits. Children need to know how to balance and steer—peddling can come later. Please read our information on Ditching The Training Wheels for more information.

Family Bicycles offers bikes for kids age 18 months and older. We have loads of experience fitting children on bikes.  It is not the same as fitting an adult. Younger kids should look like a clown on the bike. Kids must be able to sit on the seat with feet on the ground and not have to over reach for the handlebar.

We realize it isn’t much fun to buy a new bike for your child every two years while you hang on to the same one you’ve had since college. Children generally need a bigger size every 2-3 years depending upon growth. Family Bicycles has a great trade-in program to make the process easier and a bit less expensive.

Our number one concern is the safety of you and your child. We provide a bike and helmet fit for every kid’s bike we sell. Come on in and check out our selection today.