Simply riding your bike from one place to another is bike commuting. We have customers who commute less than 1 mile each way and others who ride 10 or miles each way to work. Commuting is a great way to work exercise into your daily routine. You’ll get to work refreshed and ready to go and when you get home—none of that left over aggression from driving in rush hour traffic.

You can make your commute more comfortable and safe with a few additions to the basic bike gear. A special bike is not necessary—but you will find your commute more comfortable with an appropriate bike. For example: mountain bikes are not fun to ride long distance on pavement; single speed beach cruisers also don’t make great commuters in Kansas City. You will want a bike with a slightly wider tire (to smooth out the KC potholes), a rear rack, and bags/baskets to carry stuff, and lights/computer. Most commuters choose a bike with drop handlebars, but you can commute on a flat bar bike too.

Family Bicycles has helped many customers begin their commuting practice. Come on in and we can get you started today!