Each type of cycling has some accessories that are required for a safe ride.  A wide array of accessories exists so that you can customize your bicycle to fit your lifestyle. For added comfort, you might consider such items as eyewear, padded shorts, cycling jerseys, cycling socks, gloves, and shoes and pedals.


Helmets are not required by law in most US cities, but are your best protection against head injuries should you be unlucky enough to fall and hit your head. All helmets should be replaced once you’ve crashed or when a child needs a bigger size bike—most likely their head grew too. Family Bicycles is happy to fit your helmet to your head so that it is comfortable and safe.

Water bottle/cage:

Kids get thirsty too. Most kid’s bike frames don’t accept a bottle cage, but there are adapters to add one to handlebars.


Older kids riding with adults in the street on or trails that cross streets should use lights too. Lights are required by law in both MO and KS when cars are required to have lights.  An inexpensive set of lights will help ensure you are more visible when riding in shadows or low light situations. Just think about how much more visible cars with daylight running lights are…now apply that to a smaller object getting lost in the shadows and you can see the point!