Riding a bike (or cycling) is great fun! There are extra benefits like better health, more energy, and meeting new people. Some of the first words we hear from over half of the visitors to Family Bicycles are “I am not a racer; I just want a regular bike.” So we solved that problem by not selling racing bikes! All of the bikes in our shop are regular bikes for regular people.

Bicycle shopping doesn’t need to be confusing and overwhelming. A good shop will help you narrow your choices by having a conversation with you about how and where you want to ride your new bicycle. Someone who wants to ride to work needs a different bike than someone who is riding on mountain bike trails. No need to know what you need before you shop, let your local experts help you decide—after all it is why we are in business.

The pages on this website will help you think about what type of riding you want to do now and what you might need to have fun and be safe. We have also added links to trails, maps, and rides in the Kansas City area. Still have questions? We can’t wait to answer them! Contact us at the shop or come by for a chat in person.

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Types of Cycling