Not everyone fits a traditionally designed bike. Family Bicycles offers a variety of bikes for kids and adults who may need something different. There are many options available. The links provided are the ones with which we have the most experience. There are also many ways to adapt a traditional bicycle for different issues (double brakes, pedal extenders/risers, etc.). We are happy to discuss options with you. Know that there probably isn’t one sure fire solution and you may need to do some trial and error research.

Strider Special Needs: Too often people with cognitive or developmental disabilities have been unable to ride a bike or have been told by doctors and other health care providers that they will never be able to ride a bike. With the proper bike and a proven method to learn, this is changing! Available in sizes for toddlers to adults.

Worksman Trikes: At Worksman, we believe everyone should enjoy the same opportunity to get out and ride! We are proud to offer safe, stable and stylish choices for riders of all levels of ability, providing riders a new form of mobility, exercise, and freedom to explore the community. As therapeutic tricycles, our diverse array of products help young riders improve their motor skills and endurance. In addition, riding is fun and offers the opportunity for inclusive play. Hand cycles and side-by-side models available.