Mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding. There are many types of mountain bikes for specific types of riding like downhill, cross-country (XC), enduro, etc. Come in and check out all the ways to ride trails in Kansas City.

Jamis Highpoint 29:. The Highpoint is ready to tackle all aspects of trail riding. With a 5″ travel fork with thru axle and tubeless rims, the Highpoint performs as a true all arounder.

Jamis Hijack 27.5:. This bike is for people looking to take their trail riding to the next level. With modern geometry, a 5″ travel fork with thru axle and tubeless rims, the Hijack performs as a capable all around hardtail.

Jamis 3VO:. Three Variable Optimized Superbike. Jamis isn’t the first to make the promise, but they will make good on it. The 3VO is the single most capable suspension design ever brought to market. Jamis’ new Portal and Hardline were developed by the Jamis design team over the past two years utilizing Chris Currie of Speedgoat Design’s patented 3VO suspension platform.

Surly Krampus:.Modern trail standards: dropper post compatibility, 44mm headtube, Gnot-Boost rear spacing, thru-axles, suspension corrected fork. Compatibility with most mountain bike standards makes it the perfect parts bin bike (no rim brakes allowed though). Clearance for 29″ x 3″ tires.