Hybrid bikes are a cost effective option for people who ride bikes. The category covers a wide range of bikes suitable for many purposes. Family Bicycles offers several options from Fuji , Breezer, and Jamis. It is just not possible for us to have every color and size of every model in stock. We can order anything from both companies with delivery generally in 5-7 days. We will make every effort to have at least one of the following models on the floor.

Fuji Absolute Series: A great all around flat-bar road bike. Plenty of gears, wider tires for the trail or city streets, good for just riding around! Available in many different price points.

Breezer Doppler Cafe: New for 2018, the Doppler brings riders a dedicated brevet and touring bike with smooth-rolling 650B tires. While gravel riding is the latest trend, 650b wheels have been a well-kept secret within the brevet community for decades. 650b offers a distinct advantage by offering a larger-volume tire to provide both greater cushion and traction on rough roads. The smaller diameter 650b rims also provide a stronger wheel which is ideal for loaded touring or harsh conditions. Compared to the Inversion and Radar, the Doppler frame offers a more classic road-bike geometry, while still offering a high level of functionality with touring-focused drivetrain and frame features.

Breezer Liberty Series: Libertys are light, their frames will never rust, and their wide-range gearing mean they are ready for anything. On-road or off-road, Libertys are safe, stable, and sure-footed. Available in several different price points. Available in low-step frames.

Breezer Radar Cafe: The RADAR is the ultimate adventure rig. Constructed using a double-butted chromoly frame and fork, it features full rack mounts, five (yes, 5) water bottle mounts, disc brakes and clearance for 29” x 2.1” off-road tires, making the RADAR the perfect choice for urban adventures, full-blown bikepacking and anything else in-between. Wide-range gearing will get you up the steepest climbs and back down again, even when fully packed down with gear. So pack your bags, it’s time to hit the road.