Ride your bike in every kind of terrain imaginable! Gravel and Adventure bikes are made to go almost anywhere you can take a bike. Rugged, fun to ride machines that suit any rider who wants to commute, camp, go on adventures, ride with the kids, run errands–you name it–these bikes can handle the job.

Jamis Renegade: Since 2014, the Jamis Renegade Series has been defining versatility in modern adventure bikes. The key is a finely tuned frame and fork design that maximizes handling and comfort whether you’re road riding with 28c tires, adding a rack and fenders for commuting on 32’s or exploring the backcountry wilderness fully loaded up on 40c rubber. Our steel and aluminum Renegades will accommodate up to a 700cx42/650x47c tire.

Jamis Sequel: Think of the Sequel as an urban Renegade, built to tackle anthing midtown can throw at it. Jamis’ SSD custom geometry and Reynolds double-butted chromoly frame deliver a comfortable ride with maximum stability in every frame size. Includes 650B through axle wheels, hyraulic disc brakes, and 1×10 drivetrain.

All-City Cycles Space Horse: Even if you own a different bike for everything, it’s still necessary to have one that can do it all. That bike is the Space Horse.



All-City Cycles Gorilla Monsoon: A sweet beast whose only limits are your imagination and will power. Want to do mixed pavement and single track rides? Put in long days off-road? Do some fire road touring? Camping? Ride across the continent? No problem!

Surly Straggler: Straggler is tuned for cross-over exploration on a wide variety of terrain conditions. It’s a day-tripper and a weekender. It’s a ‘rough road’ road bike, a cyclocross bike with no pretense about racing, a utilitarian townie, a light-duty touring bike and an all-weather commuter. Think of it as a “mountain biker’s road bike.”

Fuji Jari Steel: Performance, utility and versatility: The Jari delivers them all. Designed to take on gravel races, light touring, bikepacking or pretty much whatever you can throw at it, the Jari is a chameleon that seamlessly changes into whatever you need it to be. Remember the journey is the best part of the trip and the Jari is the perfect traveling partner.