Family Bicycles loves bikes. We keep a wide selection in stock, but can’t keep one of everything! There just isn’t room. So we’ve done the research and tried to order the bikes most popular with our customers. It would be impossible to list every bike we have in stock on this site–we prefer to spend our time talking to customers, not uploading pictures to WordPress.

So please spend some time looking over these bikes, but please come on into the shop and kick some tires and shift some gears.

This section is arranged by broad categories and then some examples within each category.

It is just not possible for us to have every color and size of every model in stock. We can order anything from both companies with delivery generally in 5-7 days. We will make every effort to have at least one of the following models on the floor.

The different price levels and component offerings can be confusing–we’ve tried to narrow the choices for you. Please come on in and ask us all of your questions–we are here to help you find YOUR perfect bike!

Adult & Industrial Trikes

Cargo Bikes

City Bikes

Cruiser Bikes

Gravel and Adventure Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

Kids Bikes

Special Needs

Surly Bikes