5 Jul 2017

Green Grass Farms Visit


Green Grass Farms will visit Family Bicycles again on Tuesday, July 11th from 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Place your order today and pick up farm fresh items on Tuesday! You must place your order in advance. Matt will bring farm fresh eggs with him, as they are available. Because of the heat, he can’t predict how many eggs the chickens will lay–that is why you can’t order them in advance. Just stop by and pick up a dozen on Tuesday.

Green Grass Farms

Matt from Green Grass Farms

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Meet Surly Meet Surly

Surly The newest member of the Family Bicycles team is Surly, the shop cat! Surly came to us from the Westside neighborhood near downtown Kansas City after hitching a ride with Theresa’s sister Jess. His duties include greeting customers and taking care of security. Just like the brand of bikes he is named after, he […]

Meet Bruce Meet Bruce

Bruce Homstad In the mid-1980’s I worked at a small bike shop in the Phoenix-Metro area of Arizona at a time when mountain biking was just beginning. I had already been using my bicycle as a means of transportation, but with an invitation from friends, ventured out into the rocky trails of Usery Mountain Park […]

Meet Theresa Meet Theresa

Theresa M. Van Ackeren, Managing Director I grew-up riding my bicycle to and from school and on my afternoon paper route in Omaha, Nebraska. I learned early to “embrace the hills,” we lived in a hilly section of town and there were two or three hills no matter which way I rode. But riding was […]